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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t point out this repellent article from the current issue of Al-Ahram.

In fact, there is a non-profit organisation in the United States, the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, which has certified about 1,500 living righteous gentiles on behalf of whom it accepts donations from large corporations. The money goes to maintain the organisation, pay its own salaries, organise "holocaust education" and also to give some modest stipends to those righteous gentiles who are in need of financial assistance. Everybody gains -- even the corporations, acquiring, one presumes, an unofficial but useful "righteous" status.

Needless to say, gentiles who risked or lost their lives saving other gentiles from the same fate need not apply. Not if they tried to save any of the German "left-wing" intellectuals, German "degenerate artists", "inferior" Germans destined for euthanasia, the anti-Nazi clergy, the nuns and priests who opposed fascism and offered sanctuary to the hunted, not if they saved any of the many designated groups the Nazis deported to labour camps before they even started deporting the Jews, not if they saved any Gypsies. Well, nobody really worried too much about the Gypsies, then or now. They have no lobby.

Yet a perfectly legitimate question to ask is this: if righteousness as a human virtue is subject to Zionist apartheid, and separated by religion, let's see the other lists. Where is the list of righteous Jews who saved gentiles before and during World War II in the Soviet Union and the Ukraine, and after the war behind the Iron Curtain? The now accessible governmental archives of the former Soviet Union, especially those of the secret police, offer a good place to start the research.

Jews formed a very large percentage of the mid- and high-echelon officers of the CEKA, GRU, NKVD and KGB between 1917 and the early 1970s. Surely many, or at least some, even a very few, of those high-placed Jews took pity on their former neighbours, or friends or even on total strangers who happened to be Jews, and saved them from deportation to the Siberian gulags and almost certain death. There must have been at least one little Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Romanian Anne Frank who was hidden, together with her family, by a righteous Jew in his attic to save them imprisonment, torture or execution as "enemies of the people," "agents of imperialism," during those long dark decades of horror. Documents publicly available suggest that the righteous Jews were not much in evidence during those times when good deeds would have been easier for them to enact from their position of power:

He goes on to quote John Demjanjuk’s lawyer. Oho, that’s the spirit! After all, nothing shows the progressive qualities of anti-Zionism like mocking Anne Frank.

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