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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Say what you will about Secretary of State Rice, this caricature of her is more than a bit much. From Al-Ahram, if you couldn’t guess.

In other news and opinion, Mounzer Sleiman claims that “No other development has done so much to make the Middle East unstable than Israel's decision to become a major nuclear power.” One could argue that any of myriad other “developments” in the Middle East have done to make the region unstable—for example, the widespread disenfranchisement of women (and other groups) throughout Arab countries; the plethora of dictators, corrupt and otherwise, throughout the region; the paucity of freedoms of religion, speech, and press in Arab countries; dehumanizing, hate-filled ideology that legitimizes acts of terrorism like suicide bombing; and so on, to name but a few—but then one wouldn’t be published in Al-Ahram. Plus, it’s more entertaining to blame the region’s instability on Israel’s nuclear capabilities, especially when such finger pointing can be redirected at you-know-who: Jews. In this case, Jewish scientists. In America, you see, “the large community of Jewish nuclear scientists and the lax security has allowed Israel to pursue a nuclear weapons programme without even paying the economic costs usually associated with such endeavour.” Naturally, “Jewish scientists provided Israel with ‘under the counter’ assistance” in developing its nuclear program. So it goes.

(My thanks to those who’ve sent me messages wondering why I haven't posted in a while. Basically, I’ve been super busy.)

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