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Friday, September 10, 2004

Update on the Forth Annuel Conferense of the Palestien Solidartiy Movemnet.
The annual festivities of the so-called Palestine Solidarity Movement conference are just five weeks away, yet the conference’s official website (still) does not list an actual schedule, much less any of the conference’s speakers, cultural events, workshops, or other so-called actions. And apparently, in addition to their usual grammatical and linguistic challenges, the activists are now having some technical problems.

To: announce@palestineconference.com
Subject: URGENT: Speaker and Workshop proposals- PSM conference
From: shaq-shabone@riseup.net
Date: Fri, Sep 10 2004 10:45:28 AM -0700

Dear Palestine Activists,

A technical error has occured (sic) within the PSM's conference website and some of the speaker, workshop, and causcus (sic) proposals you sent to us were lost. In order to gaurantee (sic) that we have recieved (sic) all of your proposals, we ask you to resubmit the proposals you have written ASAP.

Please resend the proposals you have written to workshops@palestineconference.com as soon as you recieve (sic) this message.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

In solidarity, Workshop Committee

As I’ve noted before, sometimes I wonder if the “Solidarity” movement has been infiltrated by nefarious Zionists or is in fact a devious Zionist front group intended to make anti-Israel activists look bad. Anyway, why bother wasting a significant amount of time or energy countering the sort of intellectual credibility of this “movement” when they themselves do such a fine job of quashing it on thier, er, their own? So far, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that this year’s traveling road show, er, “conference” isn’t shaping up to be much different than last year’s under-attended, anticlimactic stunt. But so it goes.

Speaking of credibility, intellectual or otherwise, please notice that the conference’s (color) announcement poster includes in its montage of images a depiction of, yes, little Mohammed al-Dura crouching behind his father, moments before he was, like, totally shot and killed by, uh, Israeli soldiers or something.

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