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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Long Live the Glorious Intifada. Or: 75 Years of “Heroic Operations,” Murder, and Celebration. From this week’s “Looking Back” section of The Forward:

Approximately 75 Jews were killed this week when a large-scale pogrom took place throughout Palestine. Savage attacks resulting in the hundreds of dead and wounded took place in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tsfat and other locales. The worst butchery occurred in Hebron, where approximately 45 young yeshiva students, among them a number of American citizens, were slaughtered by Arab mobs. Tel Aviv was attacked on two sides, and six were killed, but the Jews of the city defended themselves heroically. Jerusalem looks like a battlefield…. At least 16 Jews were killed in Jerusalem. Arabs also attacked Bet Shean, where one Jew was killed, more than 20 were wounded and nearly every Jewish home was destroyed. There have been attacks against Jews in nearly every area in which they can be found.

As Benny Morris relates in his book Righteous Victims, in Hebron “The Jewish dead were buried in mass graves dug by Arab prisoners, who burst into song during the ceremony” (page 115). Today, Jewish victims of Arab terrorism are once again being buried, and Palestinian Arabs are once again exultant as they celebrate the glorious Al-Aksa Intifada’s latest crime against humanity.

From today’s Ha’aretz, in response to yet another barbaric Palestinian terrorist assault, this one of the self-detonating variety:

In the Gaza Strip, Muslim leaders praised the "heroic operation" over mosque loudspeakers.

About 20,000 Hamas supporters sang and threw candy in the streets of Gaza City in celebration of the bombings and their casualties.

Hamas claimed responsibility through a leaflet that surfaced in Hebron, 50 km from Be'er Sheva, saying the attacks were meant to avenge Israel's assassination of its two top leaders in helicopter missile strikes in March and April.

"This is but one of a series of responses in which the Iz a Din al-Kassam Brigades have vowed to carry out in response to the martyrdom of the leaders of our movement, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi," it said.

"Revenge is so sweet," said one celebrator, hoisting high a poster of Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi.

The IDF believes that the military wing of Hamas in Hebron is behind the attack.

Hamas supporters said they were pleased the group's repeated attempts to launch attacks against the Jewish state had finally caused Israeli casualties.

"Our religion orders us to respond in kind to aggression against us. You [Israeli people] are the ones who choose your leaders and choose to be their shields. Therefore your shields will suffer more blows," the leaflet said.

"This is a gift to the newcomers who arrived recently to our land," it added in a reference to recent wave of Jewish immigration to Israel. "We say to you: 'This is your fate, so wait.'"

One of the victims of yesterday’s glorious double suicide-bombing was a three-year-old child. Likewise, the Arab terrorism against Jews in 1929 also claimed children as its deliberate victims. Morris (page 114 of RV) quotes testimony of a British Police Chief in the area, one Raymond Cafferata:

On hearing screams in a room I went up a sort of tunnel passage and saw an Arab in the act of cutting off a child’s head with a sword. He had already hit him and was having another cut… I shot him low in the groin. Behind him was a Jewish woman smothered in blood with a man I recognized as a[n Arab] police constable named Issa Sherif from Jaffa in mufti. He was standing over the woman with a dagger in his hand. He saw me and bolted into a room close by and tried to shut me out… I got into the room and shot him.

One result of this calculated and deliberate Arab violence against Jews in 1929 (and in subsequent years) was that the British rewarded both the mobs and the Arab leadership that had done little, if anything, to stop the violence (indeed, they often facilitated it) by, among other things, curtailing Jewish immigration to the area. One cannot help but wonder how today’s gloriously pro-terrorist mobs and the Palestinian leadership that, 75 years later, still does little, if anything, to prevent violence and terrorism will be rewarded for these latest moments in a decades-old history of premeditated “anti-Zionist” murder, mayhem, and carnage.

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