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Monday, August 02, 2004

“We’re so nonviolent, even our violence is nonviolent!” Here’s a picture of Palestinian demonstrators and International Solidarity Movement (ISM) “activists” (who are nonviolent, you understand) “nonviolently” attacking a section of Israel’s anti-terrorism fence. This is certainly not the first time ISM partisans have (nonviolently) attacked or otherwise vandalized Israel’s anti-terrorism fence, or directly and deliberately interfered with Israeli anti-terrorism efforts. As pictures like this show, the ISM’s protestations that theirs is a nonviolent organization are cheaper than a dime-a-dozen. The ISM offers such doting claims of peacefulness and nonviolence to show that they can (loudly) talk the talk of such noble principles, but when it comes to actually walking the walk, well, they’re busy vandalizing property, living with the families of or shacking up in the homes of so-called “martyrs,” attending rallies that feature terrorist groups; distracting soldiers until people can hurl rocks at them; and so on and so forth, all of which have been documented on this blog. As anybody can see, the ISM’s vaunted claims of nonviolence simply don’t hold up in the face of, among other things, photographic evidence of the group in action.

According to the “Mission Statement” on their webpage, “The nonviolence ground-rules for the ISM are as follows (sic):” We will carry no weapons; We will not bring or use any alcohol or drugs other than for medical purposes; We will respect all the various agreements concerning the actions [TBON note: Huh?]. Such banal “ground-rules,” of course, preclude very little, if anything, in terms of actual violence, and so it’s no surprise that actions such as violently assaulting an Israeli security fence are, in the ISM’s enlightened albeit grammatically garbled worldview, somehow in accordance with being “nonviolent,” and blowing up a bus full of civilians is an act of “resistance.”

Here’s a picture from an earlier demonstration that featured the ISM. Now, don’t let the angry, snarling faces fool you: These folks are quite peaceful and nonviolent (even when they’re not), and they’re flashing “Peace” signs, not “V for Victory” signs.

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