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Sunday, August 08, 2004

“The Jewish Desire to Control Capital,” and other antisemitic tropes. Arab News, once again proving that if it weren’t for Israel and the Jews they would be bereft of much of their news coverage (both factual and otherwise), dishes up yet another dose of editorial bigotry. Today’s spew includes the cartoon (Kerry and Bush fanning Ariel Sharon, who is saying “I have all the Jewish votes in my hands…”) and a lovely editorial by the always entertaining Hassan Tahsin, entitled "Zionist Interference in European Politics."

If we want to address European-Israeli relations, much will have to be reviewed. It begins with Europe’s general relations with Jews and their status in Europe. This must also include how Christian European nations rejected the presence of Jews among them.

They refused to deal with Jews and would not accept the Jews’ refusal to merge with the communities they lived among in addition to not accepting the Jewish desire to control capital. Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” reflects the attitude of Europe in wanting to be rid of Jews. Europe is aware that it is Israel that polarizes all Jews. It is also working against the Arabs’ welfare and serves Western interests.

For example, Germany paid billions of dollars to compensate Israel for what the French writer Jaroudi termed “Holocaust lies.” Czechoslovakia provided support to Jewish gangs in eliminating the Palestinians. As for Austria, it opened its airports and ports to receive those who wanted to immigrate to occupied Palestine. Over the past years, thanks to France, Israel was the only nuclear and military power in the Middle East; in addition, Norway supported them with water.

The comment about “the French writer Jaroudi” and his term “Holocaust lies” is likely a reference to French Holocaust-denier Roger Garaudy. Of course, this would hardly be the first time that Hassan Tahsin has dabbled in antisemitic falsities. I know, I know: It’s shocking that our Saudi allies see fit to disseminate such filth in their media, but so it goes… and goes…

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