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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Here’s another charming cartoon from Arab News, featuring half-a-dozen, gee, I dunno—Lutherans, maybe?—who are wearing black hats and payess. Or perhaps this is just another Der Sturmer-esque depiction of Jews. Disgusting, as usual, and courtesy of our allies, the House of Saud. With friends like these….

This is kinda interesting, I guess:

Cannabis plants for home-growing and small bags of dried cannabis. Israeli soldiers suffering from combat stress after tours of duty in the Palestinian territories could soon be treated with cannabis to relieve their symptoms, the Israeli army said.(AFP/ANP/File/Sjoerd Van Delden)

More info here. Certain self-proclaimed “peace activists” will now have yet another self-righteous reason to hate the IDF: The IDF is totally bogarting all the good cannabis, man!

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