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Friday, July 09, 2004

The War Against Judeo-American Domination: Coming to European Capitals Soon, Probably! Arab News, operated by our progressive allies the Saudis, publishes yet another bigoted rant of breathless ding-battitude by Robert David, er, Israel Shamir. David, I mean, Shamir, retches up any number of putrid falsities, and even manages to simultaneously glorify and minimize self-detonating Palestinian suicide bombers: These putrid manifestations of indomitable spirit are “hardly more than a nuisance from military point of view,” you understand. Among other things, he unleashes a peculiar but nonetheless particularly bigoted (and paranoid) smear that “the Jews have a powerful secret weapon at their disposal — their readiness to ruin the land.”

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s interesting that the same publication that (quite rightly) criticizes bigoted characterizations of Muslims nonetheless shows little hesitation, if any, in publishing vile depictions of “the Jews.”

Shamir then proves his own incompetence and/or dishonesty as a journalist with the asinine claim that “Every Israeli man and woman serves in the army, and his or her military exploits are the necessary requirement for any career, from minister to hairdresser.”

Well, no, dummy. Various Orthodox Jews, children, the elderly, and Arabs are but some of the Israelis who don’t serve in the army. The rest of the article goes downhill from there. That Saudi Arabia sees fit to regularly publish this sort of deceitful, bigoted garbage speaks volumes about our “allies.” With friends like this…

Not surprisingly, a Google search for “Judeo-American” turns up some of the usual suspects who, like David/Shamir, employ such rhetoric.

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