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Friday, July 23, 2004

Shave Your Head for Palestine. Or: Hey, Mom! Look At Me! Joe Carr, whose lyrics about Rachel Corrie you may remember, has sent the following astounding and grammatically garbled email (all grammar and spelling errors are his):

Hello All.
Tomarow at 12 noon, our group in training with the Christian Peacemakers
Teams is doing an action at the Israeli Consolate in Chicago. We will be
protesting the Wall Israel is building in Palestine ( www.stopthewall.org
for more info on the wall).
I, along with 7 others, will be shaving our heads in solidarity with
Palestinians who's land the Israeli Military is systematically destorying
for the wall. Palestinians refer to this destruction as "shaving" the
land, so bald I will become.
We have also erected a mock wall that transforms into a bridge, and the
theme of the action is the quote from Pope Jean Paul III, "What the holy
land needs in bridges not walls".
Some of us will attempt to deliver our hair to the consolate and ask to
pray with him. I am not planning to be arrested, but one never knows what
can happen in this situation. I ask for your thoughts and prayers as I
make this sacrifice and act of public witness.
I will send out pictures and a report of the action on saturday.
much love and peace

I think he means Pope John Paul II, not Pope Jean Paul III, but who knows?

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