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Monday, June 28, 2004

Progressive Saudi society in action. Divorce: A woman so enraged her conservative husband by taking part in a TV discussion program on social issues that he divorced her after 12 years of marriage.

Marriage: Maher, 33, had told his father, a 67-year-old retiree, he wanted to marry the maid, and the father went to see the woman to “bless the marriage,” the paper said. But when the father saw the woman he decided to marry her himself and told Maher he opposed the match. The ensuing standoff between father and son escalated to the point where relatives had to intervene, and they proposed letting the woman choose. “Surprisingly, she chose to marry the father,” the paper said.

And it’s summer, so the Anti-Beggary Department has been busier than usual.

In other news, valiant Palestinian freedom fighters, whom we’ve been told ad nauseam have no weapons and nothing else to fight with other their own bodies, bravely launched a rocket attack against Sderot, slamming two missiles into the street outside a kindergarten. A child and an adult were killed, and over twenty wounded. Another missile hit a shopping mall, causing extensive damage to what I’m sure everybody agrees is a military target. Myriad times I’ve heard the argument that Palestinians would not resort to terrorism if they were supplied with equal weaponry as the Israelis (it’s soooo unfair!), yet I see little evidence that such weaponry wouldn’t simply be used to more effective target civilians in attacks such as this one. The PLO's record in Lebanon, for example, offers little evidence to the contrary.

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