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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

More charming behavior from members of the so-called “Committee for Justice in Palestine” at the Ohio State University: Two weeks ago, OSU Hillel sponsored a program called Writing on the Wall, “a celebration of culture to make students more aware of discrimination.” According to an article in the OSU student newspaper,

The Writing on the Wall is creating numerous programs to accomplish its goal of raising awareness for anti-discrimination. The biggest activity of the week will be the building and tearing down of a cinder block wall on the South Oval.

"We want students and organizations from around campus to sponsor all sorts of events during the week. Anything from cultural festivities, guest speakers, films - just anything that promotes diversity on campus," said Jill Daher, a senior in linguistics and co-chair of WOW.

A wall painted with remarks of racism and discrimination will be demolished at the end of the week to represent the destruction of such negative comments.

Purely by coincidence, I’m sure, the progressive partisans of CJP opted to have an affair on the Oval during the same time and across from the same spot. Why they set up shop next to the Hillel-sponsored WOW rather than, say, anywhere else on the Oval’s ten-plus acres or anywhere else on campus is, of course, anybody’s guess, but the behavior speaks for itself. Perhaps they were afraid they’d become lonely if they and their spectacle had to stand alone.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard, five or so of the darling anti-Zionists showed up hauling with them a mess of chicken wire, which was supposed to represent that nefarious Israeli Apartheid wall, which they predictably claimed was the “real wall” of discrimination and hate, or some such drivel. They also used the opportunity to pass out literature that, if it was similar to what the group has distributed in the past, was both grammatically and factually challenged. How clever and cute to use a program that’s not about Israel to indulge in “activism” against Israel. It must have been exceptionally self-fulfilling.

Of course, if CJP had spent several weeks planning and organizing an event on the Oval only to have some pro-Israel group show up at the same location for a counter-event, we’d likely be hearing all sorts of protestations about how poor ol’ CJP had, gasp, once again “come under vicious attack by Zionist forces,” to quote one of its members.

Interestingly enough, one of these chicken wire “activists” was the same woman who offered a delightful (albeit rude and obnoxious, although for CJP this apparently goes without saying) display for Dennis Ross after he’d finished speaking at the OSU Hillel on May 12. Among other things, she lamented the supposed intolerance of Israel supporters, including people in the audience. (She also claimed that someone in attendance had, um, fired her because of her “activism.” I’m dubious, but somebody call the bloody U.N. Security Council, already.)

Yet tolerance for this person apparently means showing up at somebody else’s event, milking that event’s theme, all the while brandishing tendentious slogans and cheap chicken wire. To be sure, some might claim this behavior is boorish and juvenile, not to mention bereft of any originality or creativity, or even attention seeking; but such folks likely know little about rising up and striving for revolution, yo, and they’re probably Zionists, anyway, grrr. Granted, there’s no accounting for taste, but if brandishing chicken wire somehow offers you an outlet for ideological expression, well, more power to you. Indeed, maybe next time you and your chicken wire can stand alone rather than across from somebody else and their project. Maybe.

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