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Sunday, May 02, 2004

“We are not really interested in Jewish people.” Or, Shindler’s List: Too Biased and One-Sided for Malaysia. Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, wants us to know that not only is he not anti-Jew or anti-Israel but that he even has some Jewish friends. How reassuring. In an interview last month with Guy Sharett of Channel 10 TV Israel, he explained why Shindler’s List was not allowed to be shown in his country:

Because it is biased. It shows only one side of the story. I don't believe that what Hitler did was right at all. We condemn it. I used to feel very strongly about what happened to the Jews in the past but you cannot use that as an excuse to attack other people or to kill other people, or that people should not criticise Israel simply because of the Holocaust.

The good doctor makes no apologies for his previous comments about Jews, and when asked if there is there such a thing as a Jewish conspiracy he offers this weasely answer:

Well, we would not blame everything that goes wrong with the Muslim world on the Jews, but there are some, not very many of them, who apparently have a way of directing the very small number of Jewish people in a way that has given them tremendous influence over the world.

Oh. So apparently it’s safe to blame the Jews for some things that go wrong in the Muslim world, just not everything. Charming fellow. Somebody get him a Nobel Peace Prize, already.

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