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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Palestinian Blood Is Not Cheap. In their latest semi-literate email, the International Solidarity Movement sends out a sniveling jeremiad that is notable in any number of ways other than just being even more grammatically garbled than usual. To say the least, it’s always interesting when a “non-violent” organization sends out a message that openly endorses violence and that characterizes members of a genocidal terrorist organization like Hamas as some sort of “resistance.” A darling, albeit apparently insipid and sanctimonious ISM partisan named “Adwan” taps into the craven depths of his literary and moral reserves to hack out an Orwellian email replete with blubbering like this:

The operation was going normally like all the invasions which happened in the past. The occupation army started moving after midnight. At the beginning of the invasion many houses were destroyed, four Palestinians were killed and about 40 others got injured . It was a normal operation for the occupation forces until one of their APCs was blown up by the Palestinian resistance .

After the APC was blown up, Gaza city came under the lights of the media because of the six soldiers who were killed inside the APC. Before that no one mentioned anything about what was going on in Gaza except for the local media .

Why do they consider the Israeli blood as holy blood while the Palestinians blood is cheap?

Didn't they take the direction to invade Gaza which is a Palestinian land, and don't we all have the right to defend ourselves?

As with every invasion, the reason behind the occupation forces' killing of the Palestinians people was the search for tunnels or workshops where the resistance manufactures weapons, they say. But, like every time, they found nothing. They kill us in the name of ensuring the security of Israelis, and all the world keeps silence when Palestinians die in such invasions, but when we try to defend ourselves and say to the world our blood isn't cheap we become terrorists and murderers .

Who is the murderer? The civilian who was sleeping when the tanks stopped under his window and woke him up, or the person who drives that tank and kills our people in the name of looking for tunnels and weapons?

Since the beginning of this Intefada the occupation forces are keeping tens of bodies of Palestinian martyrs and they don't allow their families to bury them.

Why do they have the right to keep our martyrs' bodies and bury them in secret graves?

Don't we have the right to take our martyrs' bodies back if we got the chance?

Why now they are talking about negotiations with the Red Cross?

I would simply remind Herr Doctor Professor Adwan that if Palestinians had taken measures to prevent weapon-smuggling tunnels and the like, measures that they agreed to years ago but did next to nothing, if anything, to live up to, then the IDF wouldn’t need to be in Gaza doing the job for them. You see, Adwan, if you and your neighbor make an agreement that you’re going to clean up the reeking piles of excrement in your living room that have been smelling up both his home and yours for years, not to mention endangering both your residents; and then ten years later not only have you done next to nothing, if anything, to do so but, in fact, the nasty mess and the piles of excrement have only become larger, more numerous, and more stench ridden, then, gee, you can’t exactly claim (honestly, at least) to be “resisting” your nefarious neighbor when he comes in to do the job for you. Terrorism and terrorists aren’t much different: When somebody else comes in to take care of such matters after years of watching you prove yourself either incompetent, unable, and/or obviously unwilling to do so, you can’t really claim that blowing them up and then flaunting their body parts is some sort of “resistance.”

Oh, and perhaps the most famous example of Israelis burying Palestinians in secret graves was the oh-so awful (albeit non-existent) massacre in Jenin.

Adwan concludes his bloody martyr-missive thusly:

Palestinians wants peace, and they don't want any one to die, but if there must be some people who must die, they don't want to be the only people to die.

So, basically, Adwan is telling us that Palestinians don’t want anyone else to die, even though they obviously do since “they don't want to be the only people to die.” Remember, folks: The ISM is a nonviolent group; so don’t let the fact that they disseminate this sort of garbage—from someone who wants Israelis to die and who characterizes Hamas thugs ambushing Israelis and flaunting the remains of their bodies as “resistance”—make you suspect otherwise.

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