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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Or, Anti-Semitism: It’s Not Just for Jews Anymore, Royal Redux. Or, How Many Semites Might a Royal Semite Smite If a Royal Semite Could Smite Semites? Today's Arab News continues the pseudo-intellectual blathering about anti-Semitism with a bilious article by the always charming Fahda Bint Saud , the chairperson of Al-Faisaliah Welfare Society, who just happens to be a royal princess and a daughter of King Fahd. In addition to the usual idiocy about Arabs and Semites, the princess also pukes up the old canard about Jews and Khazars.

Jews constitute no more than 10 percent of the world Semites. The overwhelming majority of Semites are Arabs. Furthermore, most Jews today could not trace their ancestry back to the holy land and, therefore, are not true Semites at all. Ninety percent of the world’s Jews are descended from converts to Judaism, mostly the Khazars in what once was southern USSR….. In fact, it is the Zionists who have been anti-Semites starting from the holy land of Palestine and ending with a worldwide movement against Muslims and Arabs who form 90 percent of the Semites.

She must really like that ninety percent figure. I mean, 90 percent. The darling princess also manages to toss in some garbage about 9/11 (it was to the benefit of the Zionists, sob) and concludes with this magnificently trenchant commentary:

Moreover, Saudi kings can hardly be accused of being anti-Semites. They can’t be against themselves and their people.

Saudi kings were raised by their father King Abdul Aziz to be experienced regional politicians and to fight injustice wherever it may be. And they are paying a price for this. The stability of this country is being undermined by inimical forces as confirmed by Crown Prince Abdullah after the Yanbu bombings.

And we all know who these “inimical forces” are, eh? And as far as the Saudi Kings fighting injustice wherever it might be… well, maybe they should start at home.

It’s articles like this that make me wonder if Arab News has been infiltrated by a crack team of Zionist comedians who have subverted the publication into an anti-Saudi version of The Onion. How else to explain such laughable drivel?

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