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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Only 95 Percent Sure, Eh?According to Arab News, Crown Prince Abdullah, Saudi Arabia’s deputy premier and commander of the National Guard, had this to say yesterday about recent terrorist attacks in Yanbu:

“We are 95 percent sure, if not 100 percent, that foreign hands are behind these events,” the crown prince told a group of princes, ministers and senior officials who came to meet him.
“We will track down this deviant group, no matter how long it takes,” he said in an apparent reference to Al-Qaeda sympathizers. The Kingdom has intensified its campaign to stamp out terrorism.

“Your country is targeted and you know who is behind all this. ... Regrettably, they have deceived some of our sons,” the Saudi Press Agency quoted Prince Abdullah as saying.

“They have fallen into their (trap) and the latest such incident took place in Yanbu where they killed seven people including five expatriates, a National Guard officer and a policeman and wounded 25 others,” he said.

Reuters offer a slightly different version of the royal dude’s comments:

But Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler Crown Prince Abdullah said "Zionists' hands" were behind Saturday's attacks.

"Saudi Arabia is being targeted by Zionists...we are 95 percent sure that Zionists' hands were behind what happened," he said.

I’m thinking Zionists, myself.

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