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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Matt Moss, of Los Angeles, in a letter in today’s always charming Arab News wants us to know that:

I believe that the Palestinians should be allowed to return to their homeland. It seems to me that the Zionists are the ones who are really pushing the “statehood” agenda — yes, with the help of the US taxpayers’ dollars.

The problem is the Zionists permeated the US government before the Arab-Israeli War, which is why you see the US always siding with Israel. I wish this would stop too.
I must also add most Americans don’t realize the amount of Jewish control in this country and how “anti-Arab” it has become. I don’t remember hearing all these “anti-Arab” views in the news when I was a kid. It seems to me the US government is controlled by foreign entities such as Israel which would explain the bias.

Ah, but he must add, you understand. Thanks, Matt!

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