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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The always progressive Arab News, run by our allies, the always progressive Saudi kingdom, in the latest bid to show us how progressive they are has published a charming batch of “anti-Zionist” letters. Today’s semi-literate offerings include not one but two rants from the always entertaining Ed Friedemann, who is under the mistaken impression that Israel uses American Abrams tanks. Here’s another delightful missive that isn’t the slightest bit bigoted:

United States of Israel

Don’t think that anything going on with the Palestinians or the rest of the Middle East is accidental. Quite the contrary. You’ve seen the free hand Sharon has to deny Palestinians a state of their own or a return to their homeland. You’ve heard America’s declaration that it will bring the United States of America’s brand of freedom everywhere throughout the Middle East whether anybody wants it or not. You’ve seen the level of “respect” that America demonstrates for Palestinians, Iraqis or any other native people of the Middle East. America has now even proposed giving all Iraqis a share of their oil rights, a procedure all too reminiscent of the mineral rights revenue we give our Native Indians as we keep them living in the squalor of their reservations.

Don’t close your eyes now or you might miss it as you become a member of the United States. Oh, not part of the USA but the USI — the United States of Israel. Hope you like baseball, apple pie and bagel dogs.
Mario Caldarone • United States published 19 May 2004

How quaint, if not very original or intelligent.

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