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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack on Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv. The bar was packed with people enjoying the establishment’s weekly jam session. No Palestinians, or anyone else, were being occupied or humiliated as a result, yet nonetheless an Islamic freedom fighter, Asif Muhammad Hanif, perhaps humiliated and desperate after years of negotiating Israeli checkpoints and settlements around his family’s home in, uh, foggy old London, saw fit to detonate himself at the bar. Three people were killed, and over fifty were wounded. The Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Fatah, unable to tell themselves apart, each claimed credit for the valiant assault. Another freedom fighting wannabe mass murderer, Omar Khan Sharif, perhaps angry at how miserable the Israeli military had made life for folks back home in Derby, attempted to explode himself and murder some more people, but (luckily) failed. Before executing their assault, the two terrorists met with several journalists and “activists,” including members of the ISM. After the terrorist attack, not one of these people could be “bothered to contact any official body, despite their familiarity with the terrorists, even after they understood that they were involved in the attack, until they came under ISA [Israel’s domestic security organization] investigation.” Go figure. The next time you hear somebody blame suicide bombing against Israel on The Occupation, ask them, please, who exactly was occupying London and Derby.

Some of the Mike’s Place regulars have established a Life After Terror Fund to aid the victims.

While mourning their tragic and pointless murder, we, at Mike's Place have dedicated ourselves to helping those whose lives were shattered in the attack. Although public and media interest quickly fades after an attack, the injured bare their scars forever, and the lives of the victims and their families will never be the same again.

The extent of the injuries was horrific and the Life after Terror Fund has been established to help the victims.

>> Alfredo, a student, suffered horrific burns from head to toe. He is 25 years old.

>> David, a 37 year-old musician whose arm was blown off by the explosion. His brother Gaby, standing just meters away, witnessed the awful event.

>> Ariel , just 24 years old and a talented bass player, suffered the most severe burns. He is expected to be hospitalized for a considerable amount of time and still requires around-the-clock medical attention.

>> The family of Yannai Weiss has tragically lost a husband and a father. Yannai was the 'provider' and is survived by a wife and two young sons. Their 15 year old son suffers from a chronic disease, and requires constant and expensive medication and treatment.

>> Zohar, 27 years old, underwent a serious leg operation and skin grafts following the attack. She is now out of the hospital but unable to walk unaided, she will be confined to her home for a considerable time.

These are just some of those victims of the homicide bombing. For many, what should have been a peaceful night of music and enjoyment changed their lives forever.

Avi Tabib, the security guard, and long-time regular and friend, was at work on the door at the time of the attack. By blocking the bomber, Avi's actions no doubt saved many lives that night - but as with the other victims and their families, his life has been devastated by the attack.

It’s a nice website and an excellent cause, so please check it out and do what you can to help out.

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