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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The next time you hear someone like Rashid Khalidi talking about a period of time during which there were no Palestinians attacks on Israelis, don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that this was because no such attacks had been attempted. For example, there were zero (successful) Palestinian suicide bombings during Passover, yet there were at least ten failed attempts, including two attacks using female bombers. I saw Khalidi on Charlie Rose a few weeks back, talking about how there hadn’t been any suicide bombings against Israelis during December and January, his implication being that this was some sort of period of calm or Palestinian restraint. What he meant, of course, was that, just like during this past week, there had been no successful Palestinian suicide bombings. As articles like this one show, and as anyone who pays attention to Israeli media (and not just during December and January) knows—and at the risk of paraphrasing Donald Rumsfeld—an absence of suicide bombings hardly indicates an absence of suicide bombers being dispatched to murder and maim countless Israelis. This sort of perverted moral calculus, by which the only Palestinian attacks against Israelis that “count” are the ones that aren’t prevented by Israeli security, and by which people like Khalidi can claim with a straight face that during a certain period there were no attacks against Israelis is really quite telling. I was a bit shocked that Charlie Rose didn’t call him on this dishonest obfuscation. Just because no Palestinians have detonated themselves recently doesn’t mean they haven’t been trying:

Israeli security forces managed to scuttle a total of 10 attempted suicide bomb attacks on Israeli targets during the Passover holiday, which ended Monday night, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.

Among those attacks foiled was a plan to use AIDS-infected blood. Two attacks were also due to be carried out by women.

One of two Tanzim activists caught at the end of March told interrogators the group that sent them had planned a series of other attacks, including one with a device to which blood infected with AIDS would be attached.

Boy, they must be pretty, uh, desperate or something to be lacing their bombs with AIDS-infected bodily fluids.

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