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Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Jews of America: The Cairo Times offers some reactions from the Egyptian press to Bush and Sharon’s plan for “the annexation of nearly half the occupied West Bank.” Note the hideously antisemitic cartoon and its repulsive depiction of “The Jews of America.”

In other news, 21 men have been forcibly evicted, at the behest of Israel, from the Ramallah shelter in which they'd been living for months. Another war crime! Forced expulsion is a violation of the Geneva Convention! End The Occupation! Sharon is a... er, never mind. All the “militants” exiting Arafat’s clubhouse are beginning to remind me of circus clowns piling out of a car. How many Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigadiers and other such “freedom fighters” has Arafat been hanging out with in there, anyway? Providing refuge to wanted members of a suicide-bombing terror milita is rather peculiar behavior for a Nobel Peace Laureate.

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