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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Jews are not a forgiving lot: Or, "Do fawning comparisons to Christ make your editorial staff uncomfortable?" In their latest display of journalistic integrity, Arab News publishes another predictably tasteless, paranoid, and bigoted screed by Israel Shamir a.k.a Israel David Shamir a.k.a. Robert David. Interestingly, if you read the version on David’s, er, Shamir’s website, you’ll notice that the Arab News version has been tweaked at a few points. For example, on the former we read that “This brotherly compassion for goyim, frowned upon in the Jewish tradition, brought him to Christ,” but in the Arab News version “Christ” has become “Christianity.” About Vanunu, Shamir prattles, “Not a timid lamb anymore, but Son of Man who saw death and came back." Arab News omits “Son of Man” and gives us “but one who saw death and came back.” In the next sentence—“His face was stern and grim in the blue frame of the iron bars, like that of Christ breaking the Gates of Hell on an old icon”—Arab News omits the second half of the sentence, thus deleting the Christ comparison. Interesting edits, by god. I wonder what a certain Jewish carpenter would make of Shamir's drivel.

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