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Friday, April 23, 2004

James W. Owens, CEO of Caterpillar, explains to the International Solidarity Movement “that with more than two million of our machines and engines in use throughout the world, we simply do not have the practical ability or legal right to determine how our products are used after they are sold.” Owens then declines to meet with ISM representatives, because “I feel we have seen this issue to its conclusion and we respectfully decline.” The “Stop CAT Coalition” is so pleased with themselves they can’t help but add an exclamation point: CAT CEO Owens refuses to meet our delegation! I suppose that’s more exciting than “CAT CEO Owens refuses to indulge us with further attention!”

In other news, “a former volunteer with the ISM in Palestine has put together a photojournal,” which has been put on-line. There are pictures of demonstrations, kids, graffiti, and so forth. Here are some samples:

Meeting a decrepit old terrorist. Smile! The room is a bit drab, but I hear his wife’s Paris flat is quite nice.
If: The Star of David = The Swastika; and: The Star of David = USA; then: USA = The Swastika. The Nazi swastika faced the opposite direction (clockwise), so perhaps this trenchant graffiti is making some sort of equivalence between the Magen David, the USA, and Hindu or Buddhist symbols. Go figure.
No peace without justice. Nice image of Israel…
DFLP is the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a terrorist group whose claims to fame include murdering 21 Israeli children at Maalot in 1974, not that these guys seem to care.
Don’t drop him. The guy being carried doesn’t look too happy. Neither do the guys carrying him…
Mocking the Western Wall. How progressive.
Apartheid, etc.!
Kid poses before the Fatah logo. Perhaps this young fellow knows the youth whom Fatah Tansim freedom fighters recently paid $22 to strap a bomb to himself. Lovely organization.

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