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Monday, April 26, 2004

Israel’s New Ark of the Covenant. Or, “Jews are a Race” is So 1935. I was reading some articles on Mordechai Vanunu, and came across this charming piece from a news outlet called ABS-CNNEWS, which is a joint venture of Manila’s TODAY newspaper and something called ABS-CBN Interactive. I hope this sort of bigoted rhetoric about Jews and Israel isn’t standard fare in the Philippines, but it’s worrisome that this ugly editorial (conveniently anonymous) appears in what is apparently the Philippines' largest media network. So:

Not surprisingly, a Jewish mob howled, “Kill him, kill him, kill him,” around the place where the very same cry was raised 2,000 years ago about another Jewish Christian who was telling the people some pretty unpleasant things about themselves, such as that before you embarrass another about the mote in his eye, take out the nuclear weapons from your arsenal; and before calling another a terrorist for giving up her life for her country’s freedom, check out how your country harried her to that extreme by stealing the land that, sure, God gave you in the Old Testament but look how you repaid Him in the New.
A hundred years ago, a vicious and cruel imagination invented and published the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, allegedly outlining a global Jewish conspiracy, and spread it about that the kindly Jews of those times, the people of Spinoza, dropped Christian children down wells to honor a cruel religion. This lie was the direct inspiration for the Nazi isolation and destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, even as that is the direct inspiration for the West Bank Wall.

Eighteen years ago, the misguided heirs of that traduced and persecuted race took a leaf from the Protocols and dropped a Christian into a pit of utter darkness, with the demonic aim, not just of destroying a body, but extinguishing a soul.

No one can say what kind of life Mr. Vanunu can still hope to have after his experience of spiritual extinction -- or if he’ll even have one -- as a “free man” in the larger prison that is Israel for a Christian Jew…. Only one thing is sure: Mr. Vanunu is not afraid of more of the same because he distinctly expressed the wish to go to Jerusalem even if the first time a Christian did that on a donkey, it did not turn out too well for him. (See Mel Gibson’s movie.)

Lovely references to “camel drivers” and Hitler, too. Pathetic, but so it goes.

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