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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Interpal, a U.K.-based charity also known as the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, has been designated a terrorist organization by both the American and Israeli governments. The Jerusalem Report reports that the Board of Deputies, the umbrella organization of British Jewry, recently referred to Interpal as a terrorist organization on its website, and now Interpal is suing the board for libel. Interpal’s website is fairly nondescript, although I notice their logo features an image of Israel’s 1949 borders, plus the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with no indication of the green line. Perhaps they’re just hardline Likudniks who don’t like the Golan Heights.

Speaking of the Jerusalem Report, the current issue includes a nice article about German architect Marc Grellert’s project to virtually “recreate” some the synagogues that were destroyed during the Nazi regime. According to the project’s website (http://synagogen.info/), the project is intended “to remember more than 2200 synagogues that were closed, desecrated or destroyed in Germany and Austria during the Nazi regime.” You can view amazingly precise images of the virtual exteriors and interiors of fifteen synagogues, as well as look up information about 2,200 other synagogues. The virtually reconstructed buildings are shown empty of people, in part to emphasize a sense of absence. Indeed, while it might be possible to reconstruct buildings that have been destroyed, it is impossible to do the same with people. The site also includes a great number of fascinating photographs, images, and other information, including eyewitness descriptions and other testimony. Extremely highly recommended website. Do check it out.

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