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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Indoctrinating Children to Hate in Brazil. Or: Sharon = An Ancient Sanskrit Symbol? Or perhaps he’s a Buddhist symbol. Two things that always strike me about anti-Israel protesters is a recurring inability to draw the Israeli flag well (two lines, two triangles: How difficult can this possibly be?) and a similarly recurring incompetence to correctly depict a Nazi swastika (which faced clockwise; see an another example in last Friday’s entry). I’m assuming this trenchant commentary is supposed to suggest an equivalence between Ariel Sharon and Nazism, but who knows. Charming sign for the kids, of course. What’s particularly ironic about Palestinians faulting Israel for being like the Nazis is that during World War II the Palestinian Arab leadership—the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, for example—supported the Nazis. How times change! Here’s another picture from the same fiery protest, not to be confused with this one or this one (cool helicopter!) or this one (note incorrectly drawn Israeli and American flags) or this one or this one (I think that’s an Israeli flag) or… Burning stuff rules, eh? Look, horsies!

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