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Sunday, April 11, 2004

In the latest rendering of Rachel Corrie’s death, The Independent’s Robert Fisk informs us that her death “was taped on video by her appalled friends.” I hadn’t heard that version before. Or seen it, as the case may be. Fisk also states that the Israeli Army’s “rules of engagement” have been “blithely handed over to US forces on Sharon’s orders.” Sharon’s orders, eh?

Fisk also writes that “Rachel’s grieving mother Elizabeth has been a picture of dignity. US citizens, she wrote, ‘should ask themselves how it is that an unarmed US citizen can be killed with impunity by a soldier from an allied nation receiving massive US aid...’” Actually, Bob, it was Corrie’s cousin, not her mother (whose name is Cindy, not Elizabeth), who wrote that piece. It would be somewhat easier to take Fisk seriously on the matter if he didn’t betray such obvious Orwellian tendencies towards it. Anyway, maybe the US should investigate Corrie’s death, if only so Fisk and all the other Corrie martyr-mythologizers can at least get their various stories straight.

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