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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Here's an interesting article from Haaretz, entitled The battle on America's campuses.

There are currently about 65,000 students from Arab countries studying at American universities. According to Jewish sources, these students comprise the "foot soldiers" for the struggle, while the Americans, or Arab-Americans, are the leaders of the anti-Israeli activities. Most of the pro-Palestinian student organizations also take pride in having prominent Jewish activists who oppose Israel's policies in the territories.

“We are no longer dealing with the blunt anti-Semitism that we saw in the past," says William Rothschild, associate national director of education at the Anti-Defamation League. "It's no longer a case of here they tore off a mezuzah, there they wrote graffiti saying `dirty Jew.' Now we are seeing political anti-Semitism."

Another Jewish source argues that the campus movements opposing Israel are, in fact, not anti-Semitic, but that some of the members of these movements - extreme leftists and Muslim extremists - do not see all expressions of anti-Semitism as taboo.

Remember Abe “Smash Mouth” Greenhouse, the publicity seeking pseudo-radical who assaulted Natan Sharansky at Rutgers last fall (the Haaretz article pretty much whitewashes the incident)? Well, you’ll be interested to know that, according to Abe, “he is not anti-Israeli, does not support demonstrations and is even considering moving to Israel in the future.” He doesn’t support demonstrations, eh? Quite the change of heart.

And remember Charlotte Kates?

She believes with all her heart that Israel has no right to exist. In her view, Israel is an apartheid state, with a racist and colonialist character. An article she wrote expressing these views, generated protest demonstrations by Jewish activists on campus. "I don't think there is anything anti-Semitic in opposing racism and apartheid," Kates explains. "It is manipulative and repulsive to say that this is anti-Semitism, because Zionism is racism and opposing racism is the same as opposing anti-Semitism."

Charming. Of course, Kates also believes that last fall’s little spat of non-solidarity within the Palestine solidarity movement, which resulted in the group’s official conference being moved to Ohio State, was the fault of “‘Zionist forces’ that tried to sabotage the conference from the very start.” Sounds like this woman knows too much. Snicker.

Here’s a random sampling of events at American campuses in recent months:

at the University of California at Riverside, an exhibition included signs drawing an equation between a swastika and Star of David; at Wooster College in Ohio, a guest lecturer spoke about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as if they were real documents; at the American University in Washington, a checkpoint was built on campus and students were forced to go around it; at UCLA, a guest lecturer spoke of jihad; at University of Indiana's law school, many flags are displayed, including the Palestinian flag, but Israel's flag is absent; at Contra Costa College in California, a series of lectures were given by anti-Israeli speakers; at Northwestern in Illinois, swastikas were painted throughout the campus nine times during the past year. And the list continues.

Interesting article. Do check it out. If anybody's familiar with the situation with the flags at Indiana's law school, please let me know.

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