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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

As noted over at In Context, a Google search for the term “Jew” no longer turns up a hate site as its first result (for now, at least). Now if something could just be done about the search results for “Jews.” Not as bad, to be sure, but still…. Jews for Jesus? Jews for Allah? Ah, Google.

Sharon is outta control! Israel kills key Palestinian rebels: According to the following news article, more than 10 rebels have been killed in planned "special operations" by Israeli troops in the West Bank and Gaza. Good gawd, it’s one thing to kill one militant in a targeted attack, but now Sharon has gone and killed ten? Including a religious man who was bombed while he was praying!? When will this Zionist aggression end?! Boycott Israel! Divest now! End The Occupation! Chomsky was right! How many more Palestinians must die? Two-four-six-eight, the world must oppose this racist-genocidal-Zionazi state!

Er, wait. Never mind. ‘Twas Russian troops killing Chechen militants. Ah. Well, I guess the cacophony of anger and condemnation directed against Russia for killing ten “rebels” must have been, uh, drowned out by the cacophony directed against Israel for killing one genocidal terrorist. I’m sure the deluge of outrage and consternation will be here. any. day. now…

(Modest proposal: If Israel wants to avoid criticism and outrage for killing terrorists, maybe they should just change Ariel Sharon’s name to Vladimir Putin. Can you imagine the outrage that would have graced the newswires had the IDF killed a religious militant while he was praying? Ah, but barely a peep when Putin’s forces do it. I guess this is just more evidence of the Zionist controlled media we’re always hearing so much about.)

Oh, and divestment, anyone? I didn’t think so. (How about boycotting Russian academics, hmmm?)

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