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Friday, March 05, 2004

ISM Freudian slip? Speaking of the International Solidarity Movement, they’re apparently quite upset about this editorial from the Jerusalem Post. In their latest grammatically garbled email they ask us to protest the JPost’s op-ed to, um, our members of Congress:

Below is a disgusting op-ed about Rachel Corrie that was recently published by the Jerusalem Post, Israel's main English-language newspaper, followed by two letters that were published regarding the op-ed, one by the US Embassy. Please protest this disgusting op-ed about Rachel to your members of Congress. http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/
Point out how cheap American lives are treated in one of the main English newspapers and sites of America ’s “closest ally”.

I’m assuming their characterization of Corrie’s life as “cheap” is just another typo on their part, although it is striking how certain folks have been more than willing to use her unfortunate death for anti-Israel publicity and propaganda. Talk about cheap. Interestingly, the other editorial included in the email alert is from the International Herald Tribune and was written by Corrie’s cousin. She offers the predictable spin about Corrie’s death, and there’s little that’s especially notable about her editorial, save for this newest rendition of the tale: Now the story has become that “an Israeli soldier and his commander ran over Rachel with a nine-ton Caterpillar bulldozer.” One of these days, we’re going to learn that it was none other than Ariel Sharon who was driving the bulldozer.

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