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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I just noticed that Dave over at Israellycool has also addressed some of the ISM’s FAQs. He does a nice job in highlighting various aspects of the ISM’s predictable rhetoric of dishonesty and obfuscation. For example, he shows that the ISM’s statement that “We cannot run around trying to ‘protect’ people, be they Israelis or Palestinians” is yet another blatant falsehood, and backs it up with evidence (including pictures) of ISM functionaries, um, protecting Palestinians. And these are just a few examples of when the ISM, despite such asinine and dishonest protestations to the contrary, has been more than willing to “run around trying to” protect (and “protect”) Palestinians. Well, gosh. It’s just this sort of blatant contradiction and mendacity that makes me wonder, once again, if even the ISM takes itself seriously. After all, for years now its members have been publicizing their efforts to protect Palestinians, yet now we’re supposed to believe that ISM does not engage in such activities. How delightfully Orwellian! (In other news, Oceania was never at war with Europa, either, and everybody knows that Oceana is peaceful and nonviolent and simply cannot run around trying to protect people, much less wage war.) It speaks volumes about the ISM’s honesty and seriousness (or lack thereof) that today they’re pandering nonsense about not protecting Palestinians, even though we’ve been reading, for years now, about their efforts to do just that. For anybody remotely familiar with the situation, this sort of ISM revisionism would be almost insulting if it weren’t so predictable.

In short, the ISM’s self-serving “answers” to their FAQs offer little reason to regard them as anything other than self-publicizing propagandists. Their rhetoric, as exemplified in these responses to FAQs about their organization, is, to say the least, self-contradictory and intellectually (if not morally) degrading. As such, the ISM does us all the favor of effectively dismissing themselves from any serious or honest discussion about the situation. Indeed, as these FAQ responses show yet again, the ISM’s contributions to such matters offer little more than rhetorical pollution and moral debasement. It's all rather predictable, but so it goes…

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