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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Remember Jules Farber’s line about how the time is at hand when the wearing of a prayer shawl and skullcap will not bar a man from the White House, unless, of course, the man is Jewish? Here’s an updated and British version of the scenario, and it’s not very funny: Half of British voters unwilling to accept a Jewish Prime Minister.

But yesterday a survey uncovered a widespread refusal among the voters to support a Jewish person as a British prime minister.

A poll published in the Jewish Chronicle today found 47 per cent of people were unable to agree with the statement: "A British Jew would make an equally acceptable prime minister as a member of any other faith."

According to the ICM poll, 18 per cent of the 1,007 people surveyed disagreed. Of those, 11 per cent disagreed strongly. Another 28 per cent were either neutral or "don't knows". The survey also found that 15 per cent of people, or about one in seven, believed the scale of the Holocaust had been exaggerated. The poll found 20 per cent of people did not think that Jews made a positive contribution to political, social and cultural life, while 18 per cent believed that Jews had too much influence in Britain.

I suppose such tasteless sentiments are somehow the fault of Ariel Sharon and the Israeli government, of course.

In other news, Dubai’s Gulf News offers us this trenchant commentary:

It seems to me that a close examination of the video on this web site will prove beyond all reasonable doubt that 9/11 was a sophisticated military operation, for which only the US itself could have been responsible. The evidence is irrefutable and would stand up in a court of law. While Bush is in power, of course, there will be no such court case.

It is rather plain that the aircraft is carrying an anomalous device underneath its right wing, very close to the fuselage. It almost looks like a third engine and is connected by tubing to the tail section. It also has a nozzle sticking out at the front. Not only is the anomalous device on the plane's underside clearly visible, it is clear too that, just as the plane's nose strikes the building, the nozzle of this device fires a jet of flame.

Well, if you say so.

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