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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A letter from the always entertaining and insightful Ed Friedemann, helpfully published by the always progressive and non-inciting Arab News, claims that America can thank Israel, for among things: “Creating enough anger with its brutality, land grabbing, and murder to cause a retaliatory attack on American soil that resulted in the loss of over 3,000 lives and 25 percent of the wealth of America, has forced us to hire 180,000 Homeland Security personal to guard against further attacks and made us live in constant fear of future attacks, with no end in sight”; “The loss of civil liberties and constitutional rights and constant delays in travel…. the Patriot act that has created a de facto police state”; “Over $400 billion spent on attacking Israel’s enemies and the loss of life among American soldiers as a result”; “The loss of millions of American jobs and the disruption of family life”; “Making fools out of the American people by manipulating the media so that they do not know what is actually taking place.”

Ah, how refreshing. Hey, Ed, can we thank Israel for Mad Cow Disease, too? How about hangnails? The nasty weather? The Red Sox losing in the playoffs (who needs the Curse of the Bambino when you’ve got Israel?)? Indeed, the American people may be fools, but how fortunate we are to have geniuses like Ed Friedemann to tell us that, grrrr, it’s all thanks to Israel’s manipulation of the media.

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