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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I’m still extremely busy, but to quickly follow up yesterday’s post: Today Arab News publishes an astoundingly obnoxious letter that includes this execrable drivel:

Please bear this in mind as you read what suggestion I have regarding the Israeli persecution of the Palestinian people. I suggest that the Palestinians temporarily change the names of their towns to the names of Nazi concentration camps. For example Jenin would become Auschwitz, Ramallah would be Treblinka, Nablus would become Dachau, and so on. What is happening to the Palestinians in the Holy Lands with the help of US tanks and helicopters plus millions of dollars in military support, is not any different from what was done during the Holocaust to millions of Jews, Gypsies, intellectuals and many other people who were not convenient for the fascist regimes.

Granted, Israel doesn’t use American tanks (they use Israeli Merkava tanks, which are built in Israel, from Israeli parts), as this genius falsely claims (and, as we've seen at TBON, other folks also), but what else can you expect from somebody who minimizes not just the Holocaust but the murderous persecution of millions of other people under the Nazis so as to compare all this to the situation of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza? And how pathetic, albeit typical, that our allies the Saudis see fit to publish this nasty garbage. You would think that for once, just once, somebody would compare the situation of the Palestinians vis-à-vis Israel to the Khmer Rouge or the Armenian Genocide or the Rape of Nanking or the Stalinist Genocides or Rwanda or any of the other genocides of the last century, but no, it’s always Nazis and the Holocaust. What’s also interesting is that the same people who bewail the supposed exploitation of the Holocaust by Zionists seem never to have anything to say about people who exploit the Holocaust for witless, derogatory comparisons like the one above. And, of course, the letter includes the obligatory witless justification for suicide bombings: Palestinians are “obliged to blow themselves up as human bombs because they have no other way to fight the incredible forces that have been mounted against them in an attempt to annihilate them.” They’re obliged to detonate themselves, you understand. Good grief.

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