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Friday, January 09, 2004

Blogging has been slow lately because I’ve been extremely busy, not to mention cold. Brrrrr. But Arab News, operated by our wonderful allies the Saudis, generally doesn’t fail to offer something of note, so here’s a quick entry made possible by everybody’s favorite progressive, non-Apartheid Middle Eastern country. Today’s Arab News features a typically blustery, self-righteous editorial about the recently cancelled and revived European Conference on Anti-Semitism. The article includes all the de rigueur snide comments about Zionism and anti-Semitism—anti-Semitism is hyped and exploited by Zionists for political gain, and is itself a core root of anti-Semitism, you understand, and whine whine whine blah blah blah ad nauseam—and concludes with this breathtakingly spiteful (and, of course, unsubstantiated and ridiculous) commentary:

Unfortunately, the price of this unbending arrogance will be the further rise of intolerant opinion in Europe. This may suit the Zionist purpose, but the fascist thugs it fosters will not confine their depravities to Jewish targets. Muslims, blacks and the whole emerging multicultural tapestry of Europe will come under threat. In truth, in its own way, Zionism itself is just another form of bigotry.

Um, right, but at least Zionism, unlike Saudi Arabia, doesn’t make it illegal to buy a Bible or for women to show their elbows in public. Are these people not shameless? Oh, and if the Einsteins at Arab News had checked the newswires before running their boorish and inane editorial about the conference being cancelled they’d know the conference had already been revived before their inept editorial went online. But since when are things like facts and truth and reality of any vague priority or importance to Arab News?

Speaking of which, just yesterday an opinion writer retched up this vomitous rhetoric and comparison:

Consider, as an example, what happened after the infamous Kristallnacht in the occupied territories, in March 2002, when Israeli occupation forces wreaked havoc all the way from Bethlehem to Nablus, and Gaza to Jenin, that gave terror a new name and left hundreds dead and thousands homeless: The US sent truckloads of blankets, tents and medicine to the victims. In Jenin, the town that had suffered most from the devastation, the townspeople refused to accept the shipment, sending it back with the admonition that it was the Israeli military, backed by America and armed with American weapons, that was responsible for the carnage, and thus Americans can take their aid and shove it.

Oho, such tough talk, coupled with a derogatory swipe at Kristallnacht (perhaps they heard Adam “Free Ticket” Shapiro's similarly asinine comments about Kristallnact (see below)). Because, you know, just like in the territories in 2002 there was in Germany in 1938 an overwhelming plethora of Jewish terrorists and suicide bombers involved in an active campaign of terror and mayhem against innocent German civilians. Just think of all those innocent German school children who had been murdered by Jewish terrorists up to that point! And all those bomb factories and other hornets nests of terrorism hidden in Jewish neighborhoods at the time, why, the comparison is just so, so, so… apt! To label this tripe as Orwellian garbage would be an insult to Orwellian garbage.

The “opinion” piece ends thusly:

Ruben Navarrette Jr., a Washington Post columnist, devoted his piece last week to telling the tale of a group of young Muslim Americans in their early twenties in southern California who had organized a series of pickup football games for the New Year’s holiday. Among the stylized names they chose for their teams were “Intifada,” “Soldiers of Allah” and “Mujahedeen.”

That didn’t sit well with Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center nor with a whole bunch of bigots in California who, through threats, have made the boys abandon the games, fearing for their lives.

Well, I for one wouldn’t consider “young Muslim Americans in their early twenties,” or anyone else of that age, as “boys,” but unlike Arab News I have a predilection for accuracy. Also, had the opinion writer had even a clue what he was talking about he might have known that the “boys” didn’t’ “abandon the games” and that, truth be told, their little tournament went on as planned. But, as I noted above, since when are things like facts and truth and reality of any vague priority or importance to Arab News? So it goes.

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