From outside one will always triumphantly impress theories upon the world and then fall straight into the ditch one has dug, but only from inside will one keep oneself and the world quiet and true. /FK (Contact: TBONotebooks at fastmail.fm. The Blue Octavo Notebooks welcomes mail, although we cannot guarantee a response. Your email may be posted in part on The Blue Octavo Notebooks unless otherwise requested.) Please enjoy the notebook entries, and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Vellar Fricatives in the Chizzay! Or: Would you like some Chutzpah with your Choffee? So: Before I forget, I’d like to wish everyone out there—Chasadim, Charedi, and Chomskyites alike— A CHAPPY CHANUKAH!!! Er, a Xappy Xanukah. That is, a Happy Hanukah! Whatever. Anyway, I came across this Dancing Dreidels Menorah a few weeks back (at a substantially reduced price, even), and got it for my Mom. Such the good son, eh? Dancing dreidels kick tuchus. (Apologies to Luke Haim.)

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