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Thursday, December 25, 2003

This is how valiant Palestinian freedom fighting activists from resistance groups like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine wish the world a Merry Christmas. I was going to post something humorous about forgetting that today was Christmas, something I manage to do every year, it seems. This is an oversight that inflicts no small degree of disorientation and confusion after I go out to run an errand, and this afternoon was no exception. But I’m just not in the mood for it now.

As numerous news articles and coverage have noted, this is the first Palestinian suicide bombing in almost three months, but anyone with half a clue knows that it hasn’t been for any lack of attempts. Too often the absence of “successful” self-detonating Palestinian assaults is somehow taken as evidence that no such attacks were launched, but during this most recent putative “lull” in suicide bombings Israel prevented a barrage of suicide bombings, including 22 suicide bombing attempts and 13 other planned attacks. When one adds all the many failed and prevented suicide assaults of years to the already large number of successful ones, one gets an even more chilling feeling for this widely popular element of Palestinian liberation. Indeed, 75% of Palestinians supported the most recent suicide bombing prior to today’s (an attack in a restaurant that killed 21 people). One wonders how high their degree of support for today’s murders (four and counting) will be.

Not surprisingly, the ISM wasted little time after this latest Palestinian terror attack before sending out their latest email alert, this one about their various upcoming protests against Israel’s “Apartheid Wall.” Real classy, as always.

Speaking of annual Christmas occurrences, guess who ruined yet another Christmas in Bethlehem? "This is part of their attempts, which are bound to fail, to deal a blow to the morale of the Palestinian people," said Yasser Arafat. So basically even he admits that the “desperate and humiliated” explanation for Palestinian suicide bombings is nonsense. Go figure.

Update: Not to be outdone by the ISM, Elias A. Rashmawi of the National Steering Committee of the ANSWER Coalition, as blood still lays on the ground in Tel Aviv, has sent out an email about how “the people of the United States, inclusive of all and barring none, have an historic duty and a collective responsibility” to, among other things, “stop all forms of economic, political, and military support for the State of Israel, and, instead, support the rights of Palestinians for liberty, self-determination, and the full right to return.” Gee, and I was just about to make yet another contribution to Israel's Magen David Adom. I think I'll make this one larger than usual, thank you very much. Indeed, “Ending the ongoing foreign occupation of Iraq and stopping the destruction and exile heaped on the Palestinian people are inextricable dual tasks that require a reformation of our vision towards the world and us as a people of a variable mosaic.” Gosh, how quaint.

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