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Monday, December 08, 2003

The only thing I would add to Haggai’s excellent analysis of (putative) Jewish migration towards the Republican Party is that such drift is probably more representative of larger trends and concerns rather than anything specific to Jewish voting habits. That is, if significant numbers of Jewish voters are indeed straying from the Democratic Party, they are doing so for the sorts of reasons that non-Jewish voters drift towards the GOP. Making this out as some sort of Jewish phenomenon makes for a catchy story, especially when the alleged phenomenon can be paired (clumsily, I think, in this case) with reports of Arab voting trends in the opposite direction and post-9/11 socio-political analysis. But it doesn’t seem especially representative or insightful to what’s actually happening.

Speaking of not being especially insightful, not to mention Jewish voters who won’t be voting Republican anytime soon, I just read an interview with Noam Chomsky in The Independent. Much of it was fairly predictable, but does this fellow really believe his own statement that anti-Semitism in the West now scarcely exists, or is this just another example, per Orwell, of a notion so stupid that only a tenured professor could believe it? Indeed, one wonders what Chomsky thinks of, say, this, this, this, or any of the other myriad examples and explications that counter his assertion, if he even thinks of such things at all.

Random thought based on my experiences of the last two weeks: Delta is the AOL of the airline industry.

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