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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Nine-year-old Hani Raba'iyah was inside his house near Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, last Wednesday when he was shot in the head and killed. Residents claimed that Israeli soldiers had opened fire on the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, I received at least two email updates about this, and the boy’s death at the hands of the IDF was covered in numerous media outlets, not to mention on various websites.

Only problem, of course, is that the boy wasn’t shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, as claimed and reported, and not just because there weren’t any Israeli soldiers in the area. In fact, he was shot by his brother. The shooting death of a child is tragic regardless of who pulled the trigger, but I wonder if anybody mentioned this little fact—that is, that no Jews or Israelis were in anyway responsible for the boy being shot in the head—to any of the numerous gunmen or Palestinian children who attended the child’s funeral. I haven’t seen any mention from the above-mentioned sources of what actually happened. Will this fatality in Gaza be added to the death toll of Palestinians killed since the second Intifada was kicked off, even though the death had nothing to do with Israel?

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