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Friday, December 26, 2003

I received yet another grammatically garbled email today from the ISM detailing their latest act of creative nonviolence:

At one PM in the afternoon the group of approximately two-hundred (sic) non-violent protestors marched through the streets of Mas-Ha and approached the gate in the security fence which borders the village. Upon arrival, Israeli and International activists began physically dismantling the locking mechanism in order to open the gate in a symbolic act of defiance against Israeli apartheid policies. The Apartheid Wall (Security Seperation (sic) Fence) in Mas-Ha lies several kilometers within the internationally accepted Palestinan (sic) borders, in effect illegally annexing large quantities of agricultural land.

So, in a symbolic act of creative nonviolence the ISM and their comrades literally and physically attacked an Israeli security fence. Yet when Israeli troops similarly exercised creative nonviolence, that is, by firing in the general direction of the people attacking the security fence, the ISM is shocked, shocked! Go figure.

According to Haaretz, there were only half the number of demonstrators as claimed by the ISM, and “Video footage of the incident broadcast on Channel Two television showed Israeli demonstrators on the Palestinian side of the fence violently shaking it, with some trying to cut the fence with wire cutters.” Creative nonviolence in action!

Update: Ariel Sharon: Dickhead? Arab News began using a new cartoonist a few weeks back. As you might expect, he has a peculiar fixation on the Prime Minister of Israel, and today’s cartoon is no exception. Kinda weird. (24-hour time sensitive link, btw; it’ll be replaced by another cartoon tomorrow.)

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