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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Zionist controlled media is such a drag...

The second post-conference email from OSU CJP also comes from Phil Cogley, and features one of the group’s periodic “URGENT CALL TO ACTION” requests. Apparently they’re not happy that The Columbus Dispatch only printed three articles about their pseudo-conference, two of which were primarily about the pro-Israel demonstrations, and none of which satisfied CJP's high journalistic standards. Dear me.

One Dispatch reporter, Tiffany Latta, “reportedly never made an attempt at speaking with any PSM spokesperson all weekend.” The nerve! The Dispatch’s “Lornet Turnbull did not register for the conference nor did she ever speak with a PSM media representative.” The nerve! Another reporter, Alise Thomas, “who wrote a less biased piece about the conflict a few weeks ago… was initially meant to cover the conference but was pulled off the beat a few days before.” The nerve!

According to Phil, “This all adds up to a picture of sloppy, lazy, and intentionally slanted journalism, and the Dispatch must know that this is unacceptable. Please contact them today.”

Hmm, perhaps I’ll “cc:” them a copy of the account of my "Yahoodi! Yahoodi!" godless idol-worshipper incident.

(Unfortunately, The Dispatch’s archives require payment, but if you’d like to read the articles, just let me know and I’ll email you a superb summary.)

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