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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Zionespresso? Mmmm, make it a double! Or: Thanks again for supporting your local Zionist-owned business, Part II.

Ho kay, Karl Marx may have been onto something when he wrote that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce. To wit: Tonight I was at another of Todd Appelbaum’s coffee shops, and who should walk in but the fellow who’d been sporting a Palestinian flag as a cape at the Ohio Union two Fridays ago. This second sighting of an anti-Zionist at a Zionist-owned establishment was particularly farcical, since this is the same guy I’d talked with back in June at the Community Festival. Among other things, this scholar (he's a graduate student, believe it or not) informed me that all Israelis are military reservists (even the elderly, the handicapped, the Arabs, etc.?); that Jews and Muslim and Christians got along fine in the Middle East for 1400 years “until the Zionists showed up with their flag” (ever heard of the Crusades?); and that “All the Jews should get out of the West Bank and Gaza, they should get the fuck out” (ah, nothing like advocating Judenrein policy to get everyone in the spirit of CommFest). Later, echoing a favorite slogan of the genocidal terrorist group Hamas, he stated to me, “I want Palestine from the River to the Sea, from the River to the Sea.” That is, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, thus eliminating the state of Israel, and in effect advocating a trifecta of racism, violence, and terrorism. Such advocacy may be free speech, but it is intellectual violence of a most despicable sort. Needless to say, a person who advocates these and other such Orwellian and repellent positions regarding Jews and Israel isn’t someone you’d expect to see patronizing a Zionist-owned establishment; but perhaps coffee and capitalism really do cut across ideological grounds, especially when it comes to asinine, mind-numbing anti-Israel claptrap. Kinda wacky, though. But at least he wasn’t wearing his Michigan Divestment t-shirt. Or walking on his flag.

Anyway, I’m sure Todd Appelbaum appreciates the business and all, but as I said before, if these people want folks to boycott or divest or whatever from companies that are friendly with Israel, they really shouldn't be touching Todd’s products with a ten-foot pole, much less helping occupy the premises. Patronizing a Republican mega-Zionist’s businesses is no way to gain anti-Zionist street cred, although I guess it’s good for a chuckle.

More Zionespresso, mmmmm.

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