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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Among other things in this picture of Yasser Arafat and Russian envoy in the Middle East Alexander Kalogin, I spy: Prescription meds, an eagle doohickey, some funky knickknack things, a picture that needs hanging, lots and lots of papers, a box of tissues, a water bottle, and… is that an iPod????

But seriously folks, here’s the latest from Israel Shamir, courtesy of, you guessed it, Saudi Arabia’s Arab News:

…as a rule a Jew is unable to apply Kant’s categorical imperative, to make a universal rule. It could provide a definition of a Jew: “A person unable to make an objective moral judgment”, for the old religious or ethnic criteria do not apply anymore. His judgment will be forever different whether it is good for Jews or bad for Jews. WMD are bad if in Gentile hands, good if in Jewish hands. Nationalism of a goy — bad, devotion to the Jewish cause — good. Equal rights for Jew and non-Jew in Europe — good, in Palestine — bad.
When do the Jews object to political correctness? Whenever it interferes with their Muslim-bashing. The European anti-racist watchdog judged “the focus on Muslim and pro-Palestinian perpetrators to be inflammatory” and liable to cause “civil war in Europe.” But a civil war in Europe against millions of Arabs and other Muslims is a Zionist objective, part and parcel of the US-led war on Islam.

Ho boy, who knew? As you probably guessed, Robert David, er, Israel Shamir is, ahem, an interesting fellow, even when he’s not ranting about “Jewish supremacy” (“Jewish supremacy” is a favorite David Duke topic, too) or making business proposals to Holocaust denier David Irving. But he’s always a delightful addition to the Saudi media. Go figure.

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